It’s all going to plan

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“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

Benjamin Franklin

In what has become an annual event, the Reserves and Senior players and coaches had a planning day at Quest Bundoora.

Around 30 people from the playing and coaching teams attended. Across the day they set their desired culture, expectations of each other, and targets for the year. It appears that punctuality is one expectation – two players who didn’t arrived quite arrive on time had to sing a song for their team mates (Justin Bieber never sounded quite like this!).

We welcome many new faces in both the playing and coaching teams this year, a number of who have returned to DVUSC after playing and coaching elsewhere, sometimes for a number of years.

Members of the DVUSC Committee attended and dinner and enjoyed connecting with players and coaches. Through various training and game day events plus social activities, we are looking to create regular connections between senior and juniors players, Committee and other volunteer members, families and friends. Watch out for such opportunities throughout the year.

The group heard a few words from guest Rob Ardesi, former senior coach at DVUSC as well as senior men’s coach at Doncaster Rovers. This was followed by the special guest speaker, Mark Bresciano. Mark has had an extensive and successful football career (including having played in 3 World Cups, Serie B and Serie A, the Olympics), and it was a great opportunity to hear from such an accomplished local (Mark grew up in Rosanna)! Mark happily answered questions with some key messages that he applied to many aspects of life, not just football – the importance of a culture of respect and hard work, values that include discipline and persistence, and learning from experienced people so you can improve yourself.

We thank our major sponsor Quest for providing the facilities, accommodation and dinner for those who attended.