Thursday, October 17, 2019
Junior FFV Registration

Just to be clear, registration is in 2 parts

  1. DVUSC Registration (and Fees) – This was probably completed earlier this year – the trybooking form collects fees as well as registers players with the club
  2. FFV Registration (no Fees) – This step must be completed ASAP

All junior players MUST complete both steps.


FFV Registration

Junior players are required to register for the 2019 season. No need to pay anything the club includes this fee in your club registration fees.

Re-Register for 2019

This link will save you time – click here

New to soccer – Have registered before ? see the instructions below

Step one:

Instructions to help participants looking to register for the upcoming season

Create a Football Account

  1. Go to Football Federation Australia website:
  2.  Click  on “Join Now
  3.  Select Create Account – Already have an account?
  4.  Login using your Email  Address and Password:

Email address is the  same email address used when you Created your Football Account

 Note:  Football Accounts are separate to FFA numbers, existing and new Participants will need a Football Account

Retrieving a Password  >> Select Reset Password 

Step two:

Registering  to Diamond Valley United Soccer Club

After logging into your own Football account, Head to

Click on “Where can I Play?”

  1. Select the age group the Participant fits
  2. Search for a suburb, postcode or a club
  3. Select the club
  4. Club Details and Programs are available for Participants
  5. Select  “Start My Registration”
  6. Welcome  to Play Football Online Registration, click on “Get Started”
  7. Select participant you are Registering (myself, Linked Person or New Person) and       Continue

Note: New Registrants will be linked to the Football Account Being used

  1. Select Club Type Club name in “Club” text box provided
  2. Select Product (example: Junior 9-4 or Coach/Manager)
  3. Product details- add/change, and then click “Continue
  • Option  to select additional products
  • Select  student discount (if applicable)

Follow prompts and enter details and complete registration process, remember all players need a Football Account first.


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Upcoming Events

  • DVUSC Summer Squad - 2019/20
    • Various Sundays
      October 6, 2019 - December 8, 2019
      9:30 am - 11:45 am

    The DVUSC summer squad is perfect for exisiting junior players to keep the momentum of the 2019 season going and keep improving upon their skills.…