It is hard for anyone to imagine Diamond Valley United Soccer Club without Chris Dimopoulos. He is usually the first point of contact that people have with the Club. Not only is he Juniors Coordinator, Acting Club Secretary, and coach for U10 boys; in the past he has been Club Secretary, website manager, team manager, administrator for the club’s FaceBook page and website, and coordinator of girls clinics, summer programs and gradings, and more!

Chris’ arrival at the club was serendipitous.

“Louis [Chris’ son] had been training with another club but they changed training nights so I looked around to find a club where training fitted with our family schedule,” said Chris. “That was seven years ago.”

Chris was pleased to find that not only did the training schedule suit him, the values of the Club fitted with his expectations.

“It’s a great family club that places more emphasis on developing kids and making sure they have a good time than it does on winning,” said Chris. “A winning team is just a bonus.”

Since Chris joined the club, the junior level has seen growth of almost 200%.

“The committee has really focused on expanding junior numbers. The Club’s strategic plan aims to have two teams at every age group from U8s to U14s. We are really moving towards that.”

Chris has also worked hard to get the girls program up and running and we currently have a senior women’s team and four girls teams.

“I used to train the senior women’s team at La Trobe University and there is something about the women’s game that I really love,” said Chris. “I’d love to train the girls sometime in the future…”

However, Chris is cutting back on his commitments with the Club this year.

“I was finding that I was at the club every day and had no time for family,” said Chris. “I’ll continue to train the U10 boys – my son Sandor’s team- and do a number of minor tasks for the Committee, but the systems are now in place for other volunteers to be able to pick up the tasks fairly easily.”

The Club’s website has been upgraded by Jason Innes over the past year and all of the information that parents normally used to ask Chris about – from registration to training times – is all available online.

Chris said: “My advice to parents would be: before you pick up the phone to call me, check the website, the information will all be there. Put down that phone!”

(Thanks for all your hard work Chris!)

10 questions for Chris

Do you understand the offside rule? Yes – it is not that hard. You just need to take the time to learn it.
Ronaldo or Messi? Messi – smaller ego
City or Victory? Victory
Beer or wine? Beer (But partial to a good bourbon!)
What ALF team do you follow? North Melbourne
What is your daytime job? IT
Which is your favourite team? The team that I am coaching at the time
Do you follow the results of other teams? Yes – but results don’t matter. It’s more important that the players are developing.
What do you do at the end of the season? Plan for the next season…junior trials, summer program, registrations – there is no end of season!
What do you do in your free time? Free time – what’s that? Nah – I like to sit on the couch watching bad sci-fi, zombie or vampire movies!

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