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Venue: Partington Clubrooms Saturday 7th March 12 noon on
Tuesday and Thursday Nights

Uniform Enquiries

Uniform enquiries can be made via email to

Please Note

Due to our supplier not being able to supply our current uniform after the 2020 season, there will be a complete uniform refresh at the end of the 2020 season.

2020 Uniforms

This year uniforms are being handled a little differently to in the past. It’s important that parents are aware of the changes to the process. Uniforms will no longer be required to be ordered at the same time as registration. There will however be a deadline to get your uniform orders in and guess what? If your uniform still fits from last year and you don’t need to replace anything then you don’t have to order new uniform.

Uniform Requirements

All players are required to have the following: (images for display only – not real item)

DVUSC Playing Shirt (Navy)

DVUSC Playing Shorts (Navy)

DVUSC Playing Socks (Navy)

DVUSC Players Bag (U12 upwards)

DVUSC Players Bag (U11 downwards)

DVUSC Training Shirt (Light Blue)

DVUSC Training Shorts (Light Blue)

DVUSC Training Socks (Light Blue)

DVUSC Tracksuit

Covo Clothing Sizes

24 inch.       60 cm.       Youth 6
26 inch65 cmYouth 8
28 inch70 cmYouth 10
30 inch75 cmYouth 12
32 inch80 cmYouth 14
34inch85 cmXSmall
36inch90 cmSmall

Covo Clothing Sizes

38 inch.       95 cm.      Medium
40 inch100 cmLarge
42 inch105 cmXLarge
44 inch110 cm2XLarge
46 inch115 cm3XLarge
48 inch120cm4XLarge

Covo Sock Sizes

XSmall.       5-9