Friday, November 15, 2019

Junior FFA Registration – Now Open

To commence the process of registering with the club of your choice please select the appropriate option below:

I know my FFA number and I am ready to proceed to a login screen to retrieve my password and complete my registration.

Click here to proceed to the login pages.

I have been registered as a player/referee/coach/volunteer before but need to find my FFA number prior to completing my registration.

Click here to find your FFA Number.

I have never been registered before and would like to create an FFA account to commence the registration.

Click here to create an FFA account

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Each child will need to be registered with the Football Federation of Australia. This registration is free and is a requirement which includes your child’s medical insurance. Unfortunately the club has no control over this. The registration at the last page has an invoice section, simply select payment at club. The registrar will simply use this to cross reference payments already made so no additional payment is required.
New players will need to register and receive an FFA number as part of the process. Existing players simply register as per normal.