From time to time an incident will occur which needs to be brought to the attention of someone in authority. In some cases the issue can be dealt with by DVUSC’s Complaint Officer, other issues may be referred to the DVUSC Committee and in other circumstances where actions are possibly illegal or endangering to another person (particularly a minor) the issue will be referred to a higher authority such as the Victoria Police. 

Complaints Proceedure

It is important that all members of the club and in the case where an issue has arisen, the parties to a complaint, must be aware oof the procedure to be followed.

The club has developed a complaints procedure which outlines the steps that will be taken when a complaint has been lodged.


Complaints Policy

The club has developed a complaints polciy which outlines the ….


DVUSC Online Feedback Form

For issues of a less important nature, you may liek to use on online feedback form.

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DVUSC Complaints Officer

Jason Innes

DVUSC Complaints Officer
0448 007 793

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Jason is currently Secretary of the club, manages the DVUSC webiste, Social Media Accounts, Registration Process and DVUSC online store.

He has two daughters playing in the junior girls teams.

He has completed 3 courses run by Play By The Rules ( being:

  • PBTR Mini-course: Let Kids Be Kids
  • PBTR – Child Protection
  • PBTR – Complaint Handling

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