Friday, November 15, 2019

All coaches have the required certificates and junior coaches have a current Working With Children check.

All coaches are fully professional in their conduct during training and match days and are overseen by a Head of Junior Coaching.

All coaches meet on a monthly basis to discuss and plan training, and work as a collective group to maximise development of all junior players.

The coaching philosophy at Diamond Valley United SC is based on the National Football Curriculum.  The National Football Curriculum intends to deliver an Australian playing and coaching philosophy based on analysis of top football and scientific research, taking the specific circumstances and characteristics of Australian football into consideration.

Our coaching is centered around providing feedback to players and parents. Quality of practice is clearly contingent on the importance of good coaching. Good coaching means purposeful practice and quality feedback.

Coaching staff are taught to design training so that feedback is embedded in the exercise, leading to automatic adjustment of drills as required to get the maximum benefit out of a training session.

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