Tuesday, August 20, 2019
Team Photos at Partingtons Flat – 30th June 2019

Teams that have booked a time slot to have team and individual photos taken on Sunday 30th June are:

  • 8:00am – U8 Boys – Blue
  • 9:00am – U11 Girls – Joeys
  • 9:30am – U12 Boys – Blue
  • 11:00am – U15/16 Girls
  • 11:30am – U9 Boys – Blue
  • 12:00noon – U16 Boys
  • 12:30pm – U10 Boys – Red

Session – 30 mins

  • Team photo to be taken outside (weather permitting)
  • Team will have individual photos taken outside (weather permitting)
  • Team will move into the clubrooms to have more individual photos taken and team photo if weather is poor

As you can see, running on time is important, players must be on time or miss out on the team photo. We cannot afford to delay the schedule. Players who are away on the day may be able to book an individual session to have individual photos taken – date/time to be confirmed.


  • Dark blue DVUSC uniform including boots
  • Keepers can wear keeper’s top
  • Coach/Team Manager to wear DVUSC gear – Polo, spray jacket or Tracksuit top (if possible)
  • Boots will need to be removed when entering the social rooms
  • Coach, assistant coach and team manager – if no DVUSC appearel, please wear dark blue or dark.black colours – no yellows, greens, reds etc


  • Team photos will be taken outside if weather permits
  • Team photos will be taken inside the clubrooms if weather is poor
  • Individual photos will be taken outside if weather permits and also inside the clubrooms

Photo Availability

  • Photos and finished artwork is expected to be available for download early August.
  • The club may arrange to have photo prints done – information to follow soon


  • The club is providing this as part of your 2019 registration fees so it is FREE


  • Please note that it will take a lot of my time to photograph and then edit the individual photos, so your patience throughout the process is appreciated.
  • Poor behaviour will not be tolerated, so parents are asked to ensure players are calm, respectful and well behaved.
  • Team photo will include players, coach, assistant coach and team manager

Team Managers

  • If you haven’t booked your team a session yet, please visit http://dvusc.setmore.com and do so. – The next date is Sunday 21st July – Another date may be required after this date but not yet confirmed.



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