It was a tough day at the office for both our Senior and Reserves Men’s Team in the opening round of the season.

The rain stopped and eventually the sun came out to play, unfortunately, that was the end of the highlights as at full time DVUSC went down 7-0 to Westgate.

Today’s “What The” Moment

There were many moments where spectators were left scratching their heads today and while Diamond Valley received a large number of yellow cards, the strangest one occurred when the Westgate team kicked an extra ball onto the pitch (a stupid act in itself) and when the DVUSC player kicked the extra ball, removing it from directly in front of him, the ball inadvertently struck the match ball and a yellow card was given to the DVUSC player ????? What The ????

Special Mention

Having already mentioned the day’s highlights, the lowlight of the day belongs to the Westgate Reserves players, perched on the hill and although showing great passion for their club, and buoyed by an 8:2 win over the DVUSC Reserves, well and truly disgraced themselves with a large amount of foul mouth sprays and offensive behavior. I’m certainly glad I didn’t have my kids at the ground today. #disgraceful