Sunday, August 18, 2019
Canteen Operator Wanted

Want a great chance to earn a little extra pocket money? In fact it’s not so little try $20-$25 PER HOUR depending on experience/age/commitment etc

DVUSC requires someone to run the canteen for 2019.

The canteen needs to be open for business on Saturdays for the senior games – Of course the seniors also play away so it’s not every Saturday. And then there’s Sundays – early morning to early/mid afternoon.

You run the canteen for us, we’ll stock it and we will also pay you for your time. Of course if you can’t do Saturday and also Sundays talk to us about what you can do – we’re willing to work with you.

Would suit an older secondary school or uni student, parent or grand parent.

If you are interested please ring Mark O’Shea on 0417 505 078 – Please share this with anyone who might be interested.


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