Friday, November 15, 2019

A Brief Club History

The club has a long and varied history.  Diamond Valley United Soccer Club was formed in 1986 when Heidelberg City and Greensborough Soccer Club amalgamated. Eltham followed to join in 1989.

The home ground was located at Willinda Park Greensborough, but with the growth of the club over the next 30 years, it could no longer be accommodated at this location and was allocated a new complex at Partingtons Flat, Greensborough.

Heidelberg City was formed in 1924.  The club was then located at St James Reserve Heidelberg where it remained until 1970.  Shortly after the club relocated to Cartledge Reserve Heidelberg.

Eltham Soccer Club was formed in 1967 and originally played at Lower Eltham Park, Eltham.  They were then relocated to Wattle Tree Road, Eltham North.

Greensborough Soccer Club was formed in 1969 when Roy Streeter had his sons 11th birthday and to entertain the guests suggested they have a game of soccer at Willinda Park Greensborough.  This formed the Greensborough Soccer Club and later expanded to be the largest junior soccer club in Victoria